Writing Jobs available from CrowdFlower via Clixsense

CrowdFlowerSo far in this blog I have mentioned three of the Cloudsourcing companies I currently enjoy working for (WhatUsersDo, Clickworker and CloudCrowd) another Croudsourcing company I love working for is CrowdFlower. CrowdFlower is however different from the other companies that I have mentioned so far because you cannot work for them directly. You must work for CroudFlower via an agent. The agent I currently choose to use is Clixsense.

If you want to join me working for CrowdFlower then I recommend that you open a free Clixsense account by CLICKING HERE. As I said; it is free to open a Clixsense account and it will give you access to CrowdFlower jobs. After filling in the Clixsense signup form (circled below) you need to confirm your email address and then go to your Profile Page and complete all your details.


After you have opened your free Clixsense account click on the TASKS button and you should find that you have access to the CrowdFlower jobs:

CrowdFlower jobs on Clixsense

Try a few and discover which type of CrowdFlower jobs appeal to you. On confirmed completion of the ClowdFlower Tasks the agreed payment will be added to your Clixsense account balance.

You can increase the number of CrowdFlower tasks available to you by taking tests.  To track your progress on ClowdFlower and earn badges to access higher paying jobs you need to sign up to CrowdFlower Dashboard:

CrowdFlower Dashboard

You can read more about the Dashboard by CLICKING HERE.

Why not open a free Clixsense account and join me carrying out tasks for CrowdFlower?

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