Just received my 3rd Monthly Payment from What Users Do

What Users DoI am very excited today as I received my 3rd monthly payment for being a Tester at What Users Do and completing 7 tests last month. I mentioned this work-from-home service before in a previous article when I first joined it and am still loving it!

I signed up (free of charge) as a Tester for What Users Do on 5 March and have enjoyed working for them ever since.

If you like the idea of helping companies improve their websites why not join me as a Tester? Don’t panic… the job is not technical; you just need to sit in front of your computer and speak your thoughts into a microphone as you carry out simple instructions. You may, for example, be asked to comment on the checkout process for an online shop, or comment on how easy it is to book a holiday online.  For each job you complete you are paid £8 or $8USD (depending on your country in which you live).

It costs nothing to join What Users Do. Once you have signed up you will need to pass a simple audition. This involves speaking your thoughts as you visit a sample test site. After completing the audition you can fill in your Tester profile and then you will then receive an email each time a test becomes available.

When you receive the test notification email it will contain a link to your What Users Do account. Log into your account and the Tester Dashboard will show you details of any available tests.  You can then click on a MORE link to read the test instructions.  If you like the look of the test click on the green START TEST button and away you go.

Each test typically takes 20 minutes to complete but MUST be completed and uploaded to your account within 2 hours of clicking on the START TEST button otherwise the job will automatically be assigned to someone else. What Users Do provide the software to record your screen and voice and automatically upload your commentary so there are no hidden costs.

What Users Do pay us on the 25th of each month (by PayPal) for the tests we have completed (and have been accepted by their clients) during the previous month.

As I said; it is free to join so why not sign up and join me getting paid for these interesting and enjoyable work-from-home jobs?

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