Writing Jobs from CloudCrowd: Work That Pays

CloudCrowdI have previously mentioned a couple of companies I enjoy working for (What Users Do and ClickWorker). Another organization I enjoy working for is CloudCrowd. It is free to join so I recommend that you check them out to see if you would like to become one of their Workers and join me on the inside. Their community interface is a FaceBook application so you need to sign into your FaceBook account to visit them. CLICK HERE to log into FaceBook and learn more about them.

Once you become a member you can choose from a wide variety of jobs:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Categorization
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Translation

You can browse the available jobs in each category and choose which ones you wish to do. You get paid into your PayPal account very quickly for completed tasks.

Why not visit the CloudCrowd website and join me on the inside.

Writing, Translation and Research Jobs at Clickworker

ClickWorkerIn my previous Blog Post I mentioned that I am a Tester in the WhatUsersDo service where you can get paid for helping people improve their websites. Another service I am a member of is Clickworker.

As a member of Clickworker you get paid for writing, translating and doing research. If this kind of work interests you then why not join me? Registration is free. Simply CLICK HERE to visit their website and join me getting paid for doing work you love from your own home.

After signing up as a Clickworker you choose which jobs you wish to do and you can do these from your home or anywhere else you have access to the internet.

There are some basic tests to complete which will give you access to a wider range of jobs and some of the more specialised jobs also require you to take a short, more specific, test first to ensure that you can complete the task to a sufficient standard. These tests are free of charge and but I recommend taking at least one so as to gain access to a wider range of jobs.

When viewing your list of available jobs you can see a description of the task, how much you will be paid, and how long you have to complete the job, so you can choose which jobs you wish to do.

As I said earlier; registration is free so if, like myself, you are interested in writing, translation or research then why not visit the Clickworker website and join me getting paid for doing work you love.