How To Start Building an Online Business

5 Bucks A DayWhen people ask me “is it possible to build a real business online?” I like to give them a copy of a book called 5 Bucks A Day by Dennis Becker.  If you don’t have a copy yourself you can download one by clicking on the image in this post.

I hope that you, like I, will find it inspirational.  It shows you how to look at your current skills and then start building an online business one small step at a time. There are so many website promising instant results that you may initially find the thought of concentrating on earning just $5 a day a waste of time… but read the book and you will soon discover why this technique is so successful.

Building an online business is about focus and determination.  Keep focused on your goal and make sure you take one step forward each day.

Download the book and be inspired!